Grout and Tile Cleaning

Make your tile walls and floors look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing your old tile walls or floors. Spare your knuckles and fingernails the pain of taking on this major cleaning chore yourself. Atlantic Green Cleaners features an IICRC-approved, eight-step tile and grout cleaning and sealing process that restores the original beauty of ceramic tile using earth-safe products that will not harm your family, pets, or this beautiful state of Alaska that we all share:

    Pre-cleaning inspection to identify any damage and confirm that cleaning can be performed.

    Area preparation to protect surrounding areas from dirt and chemicals used in the cleaning process.

    Dry soil removal to remove the first layer of dirt from the tiles and grout.

    Soil suspension to purify the air in the surrounding work area.

    Cleaning using an acid- or alkaline-based cleaning solution and a stiff bristle brush to loosen dirt, mold, soap scum, and other debris.

    Rinsing to wash away loosened dirt and debris.

    Sealing to restore the finish and prevent water and dirt from seeping between and behind tiles.

    Post-cleaning inspection to ensure quality.

Hire AGC to clean your tile and grout
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